How do I apply for a tuition assignment?

Click on ‘Sign Up’ and complete registration. Update your profile with all necessary details and your educational certificates. Click on the ‘Requests’ page to see the available tuition assignments an

How is the payment made?

50% of first month payment is made to House Tutor. The remaining 50% is paid to the home tutor directly. Subsequent months, all payment is made to the tutor directly.

Do I need to pay any extra fees for this service?

No extra charge.

How do I check the qualification of the tutor?

Home Tutors will upload their certificated into their profile so that it can be verified by House Tutor. Our House Tutor coordinator will also assist you with finding out the tutor details while re

How do I engage a home tutor?

Click on ‘Request a tutor’ and complete the registration. During registration you will be able to post up your very first home tuition request for India tutors to contact you. You can c